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Adult Lessons


Performance Clinics


Looking for a bit more than normal ski school lessons? Would you like to improve your carving, off piste or bumps skiing? Want to improve while skiing with your friends?


TSI Performance Clinics are tailor-made to your specification. All depending on what you would like to achieve, a Performance Clinic can be based around technique, tactics on different terrain, in different snow conditions and for different level of skiers.


These clinics can be run as a one off session or a couple of sessions, they can be booked as a private clinic or you can join into one that we already have running, it all depends on what you would like and what we have booked in.


For Availability for all Clinics that we have got scheduled to run in 2017-18, please click here.

Contact us for further information on our Performance Clinics.


Private Lessons


TSI's private lessons are 100% tailored around you and your needs. You will benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge of technique and teaching. Whatever your pace, level or style, private lessons are the option that offers the most effective learning experience as they are bespoke to you. We will help you make the most out of your time on snow with us, understand what your goals are and help you achieve them.

We can offer you 1hr, 2hr, half days or whole days, for 1 to 6 people, any age or ability.


If your priority is to get the most out of your skiing and improve as much as possible then we would recommend a minimum of 2hrs or half day sessions. With half-day sessions, you can really get stuck into improving your technique & confidence.


If your priority is to ski in a group with your friends, learn new techniques, tackle a bit of everything and have some fun, then we would recommend the full day sessions. Your instructor will be with you all day, including coffee and lunch breaks.

This is also a great way to get to know the whole resort of Portes Du Soleil including Morzine, Les Gets, Avoriaz, Chatel, Les Crossets, Morgins and many others. It gives you plenty of time to develop your technique while enjoying the scenery.


Group Lessons


Group lessons are for all ages and abilities, from 15yrs onwards. If you are serious about your skiing but are looking for a more cost effective option, then group lessons is the option for you!


TSI offers from complete beginner lessons all the way through to bumps & off piste lessons, it just depends what you are looking for. You will be sharing your lessons with people of a very similar ability, where you will learn new techniques, meet new people and enjoy your skiing while achieving your goals. On request, we can also video your skiing and send you the video, just ask when you book your lesson.


TSI set up group lessons on demand, so we don't always have every level or age group lesson running each week. It just all depends on what group lessons have been requested or what space we have left to set up new groups for the week requested.


For 3 people min to 6 people max per group lesson, they can run on consecutive or alternate days, for 2 or 3hrs duration each day. TSI will always need a min number of 3 people to confirm a group lesson to run its full duration. TSI won't cancel a group due to not having enough people, we will always give you the option to either pay for the extra people or we would take some hours off the total duration of the group lesson so that you never miss out on your lessons. For a guidance on TSI skiing levels, please click here.


If you are skiing on your own or are a group of friends of a similar level, then please don't hesitate to contact us to see what we can offer you.


Women's Only Courses


Going skiing with the girls for a long weekend or a week and fancy doing a mixture of instruction, guiding, great coffee and lunch stops with a great female instructor, then TSI is the school for you!


You can choose as many days as you want, alternate or consecutive, entirely up to you. 4 max per female instructor makes for a very personal and individual learning experience while still skiing with your friends. Want to work on your confidence, better your technique to help you deal with trickier conditions or just ski without having to make any decisions, look no further............


These will be set up on request*, so please email us for availability and requirements then we can let you know what we can offer you, we are pretty flexible so don't hesitate to ask!


*There will be no availability for these during the main half term and easter weeks.


NEW for 2017-18 Ski Safari


Ever thought about skiing a different resort? There are so many great resorts right on our doorstep so we thought that we would go and explore them with you. Fancy a day in Chamonix, Megeve, La Clusaz, Samoens, Flaine.......... There are so many to choose from and all within an hour max from the Portes du Soleil.


Ski Safari will be booked in on demand, choose 1, 2 or 3 day options, choose different resorts for each day or stay in the Portes Du Soleil and get to know it a lot better.

Book us, we will provide the transport to the resort and the instructor, then just leave the rest to us! The days will be a mixture of guiding, instruction (when needed) great coffee and lunch stops, all without the hassle of organising it. All you will need to do it turn up and buy your lift pass.


Book one or more of these days for you and your friends, if you are all a very similar level i.e. at least confident on red runs then it will work fine. We can also cater for lower levels but ideally you all need to be a similar level to make it work. You can also book onto one that we have already got organised, it just depends on availability at the time of booking*.

More info will follow very soon........ Contact us now for availability.


*There will be no availability for these during the main half term and Easter weeks.




Want to learn to snowboard? Want to try something different? Alex and Alain can teach you how to snowboard in a Taster Session, Private lesson or Group lesson*

Contact us to find out more.


*Group lessons will only be set up on request with a min of 3 people and don't run very often.


Children’s Lessons


Private Lessons


If you would like your children to ski, have fun, learn and be safe whilst you have some quality time to relax and focus on your own skiing, you can book us for 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs* or full day* private lessons.


TSI can provide your children with exciting and fun ways to learn to ski. With private lessons, the instructors focus is solely on your children, so the rate at which they learn is much quicker if only a couple of children are in the lesson.


*Min age for 3hrs is 7yrs and above for beginners and lower level skiers

*Min age for full days is 10yrs and above good skiers only


Group Lessons


If you would like your children to ski with other children, have fun, learn and be safe whilst you have some quality time to relax and focus on your own skiing, then TSI Children's group lessons are what you need!


TSI can run group lessons for all ages and abilities from 3yrs onwards. We set group lessons up on demand, so we don't always have all levels or age group lessons running each week. It just depends on what group lessons have already been set up or what space we have left to set up a new group lesson for the week requested.


For 3 children min to 6 children max per group, they can run for as many days and hours as you would prefer, TSI will always need a minimum of 3 children of a similar level and age, to set up and run a group lesson for its full duration. TSI won't cancel a group due to not having enough children, we will always give you the option to either pay for the extra children or we would take some hours off the total duration of the group lesson, so that your children will never miss out on their lessons booked.


We recommend that if children are beginners, you should not mix under 5yrs with older kids, from our experience we have found their learning patterns and stamina are not always compatible.

Similar consideration will also be given to mixed groups of children with previous ski experience based on size and strength.

It is also not a good idea to mix adults and children, since children have a very different way of learning, which involves less pure technique and more fun and games.


Mini Beginners 3/5yrs


This group is run with a max of 4 children per instructor. We have found that with the small guys it is a lot easier to maximise the time with the instructor and quality of instruction provided having only 4 children in the group, as at this age they need a lot more help and attention from the instructor.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with your request and why not book a refresher lesson for yourselves at the same time!


Adaptive Lessons


Sally is a qualified Adaptive Instructor in the following disciplines, Mono & Bi Ski, 3 & 4 track, Learning Difficulties and Sensory Impairment. She has worked as an assistant coach with the British Disabled Ski Team and the Adult & Junior Development Squads.


We are now able to provide Adaptive lessons, depending on the equipment that each person my need or have. We don't have any sit ski equipment in resort, so unless you have your own we can't offer you any Bi Ski or Mono Ski lessons.


Please contact us with your requirements, we can then discuss with you exactly what we can offer.


Instructor Training


If you are intrigued and want to become an instructor or are already in the system and would like to hone your skills prior to going for an exam, why not benefit from our extensive experience in the industry. Tell us what you want to work on and we can help guide you towards your own goals.


Contact us for more information on Instructor Training.


Adult Lessons

Childrens Lessons

Adaptive Lessons

Instructor Training







Private Lessons

1 hour

2 hours

£70 / €85

£80 / €95

£90 / €105

£100 / €115

£110 / €125

£120 / €135

£140 / €170

£160 / €190

£180 / €210

£200 / €230

£220 / €250

£240 / €270





5 - 6p

Private Lessons

Half Day (3 hrs)

£200 / €240

£215 / €260

£230 / €280

£245 / €300

£260 / €320

1 - 3p

4 - 6p

Full Day (6 hrs)

£380 / €460

£430 / €520






Group Lessons

Price per person

6 max per group

£100 / €120

£130 / €155

£160 / €190

£190 / €225

£220 / €260






£130 / €155

£175 / €210

£220 / €265

£265 / €320

£310 / €375



Mini Beginners

Price per child

4 max per group

£200* / €240*

£240* / €290*

*This price is for 3/5yrs beginners only.

Please note: all group lesson prices are per person for the total amount of hours quoted.



Performance Clinics

Price per person

4 max per clinic

£60 / €75

£90 / €110


Full Day

£120 / €145

£180 / €220

All year round call 0844 484 33 44




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